Installation *nix:

Linux/BSD/Solaris/OS X/etc.

WurML should run on any platform with bash and a 1.4-compliant JRE. Java 1.5 should work as well.

For those *nix platforms without bash, a port of the very simple launching script ‘wurml’ should accommodate you. As it has only been tested on Linux so far, any reports of success or failure would be appreciated at this point.

Expand the tar archive into any directory and, as root, move the top-level directory ‘wurml’ into /usr/local (recommended) or any other suitable directory.

If you do not have root privileges, it may be run from a user directory.

To simplify usage, you may optionally create a link in a directory on the path to the script ‘wurml’

$ ln -s /usr/local/wurml/wurml /usr/bin/wurl

If the JRE executable is not on the path, the environment variable JAVA_HOME
should be defined. You might also edit the script ‘wurml’ to define the value of JAVA_HOME.

Installation Win32

Unzip the archive into “C:/” where it will create the directory ‘wurml’.

Directory and file names with spaces in them are _NOT_ recommended; they create countless unnecessary complications.

If you choose another location, you must edit the batch file ‘wurml.bat’ to redefine the value of the environment variable BASEDIR to point to the actual installation directory. It is recommend that the directory refered to in BASEDIR be added to the path.

If the environment variable JAVA_HOME is not defined, you must also edit the
batch file ‘wurml.bat’ to define the value of JAVA_HOME. This batch file is
functional but highly primative.

(I had to change the available environment space on a Win98 box to get it to run at all.)

If anyone would care to improve upon it and share it back, we would be very grateful.