Please note that WurML is currently in alpha and may still contain bugs or other unexpected behaviours. We need the support of the community to improve this tool by reporting problems and making suggestions for enhancements.

The other way you can support WurML is to donate to help support the cost of bandwidth and future development

Please see the support page for support and contact information.

WurML is available in two archive formats:

wurml.0.1.6.tar.gz 1086750 bytes
MD5_SUM: 96742ecd499cb5136e859a4e0aacdd48 1100980 bytes
MD5_SUM: 4287efa17f2f27c6ae8f24714c0b3d19

The contents of the ‘tar.gz’ and the ‘zip’ are identical for any given version.

Alpha Release of Wurfl-Db

wurfldb.0.1.tar.gz 1059802 bytes
MD5_SUM: d622768c0fd1d9ac263137d9f7e54cf4 1079693 bytes
MD5_SUM: 58873a15a2b9efdd0173a80b4e1f9541

Alpha Release of Wurfl-Db-PHP

wurfldb-php.0.0.2.tar.gz 6513 bytes
MD5_SUM: 4266c766c90567d6ab94d5fcca6e7174 7502 bytes
MD5_SUM: 7e2b34901a293b5570386b8bfbe04017